Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post Pregnancy Work Out Progess Report and Tips

Sorry it has been a while. My husband went back to work on the 6th. With Christmas and a new baby, I don't have much time for anything else.

Any how, I want to summarize where I am at (currently 9 weeks post baby as of tomorrow) and give some advice after going through this process.

Apparel - All my pre pregnancy work out clothes fit me (some a little tighter than others), so I didn't have to buy anything new. I thought I would need something to keep my tummy in place, but I didn't. When I ran it felt like running on the heaviest day of my period. Now I only feel that way when I get to mile three, just shows my body is adjusting back. If you want to invest money in post pregnancy work out gear get some good sports bras. A nursing sports bra isn't necessary, but would be convenient. I just wear my pre pregnancy bras with a nursing pad in them to be on the safe side. They are REALLY tight and I am showing a little more cleavage than I would like, but they keep my boobs in place. It is not worth it to me to invest in new ones just for a couple month. I am going to need to replace all my sports bras soon any way.

Diet - If you read my blog regularly you probably know that I don't diet. I just try to eat as healthy as I can as often as possible, eating treats in moderation. I haven't put myself on a diet after pregnancy either (all the Halloween candy and holiday food is making it really hard!!!). I admit I have eaten desert almost every night (usually ice cream). I figure if I am working out almost every day and nursing, I can have a treat. I try to eat healthy the rest of the time though, eating as little processed food as possible, knowing grabbing an apple or some whole almonds is going to give me a lot more energy than those 100 cal packs with chocolate covered pretzels.

At 7 weeks pp, I had 9 pounds left to lose of the 25 I gained during pregnancy. I figure 3 of that is on my thighs, four of is around my belly, and the remaining 2 is in my boobs. I was surprised I hadn't lost more, but I am sure I am gaining back the muscle mass I lost from not working out as hard during pregnancy. (You should see my biceps now ;) ).

Exercise - Patients is key here. It is all coming back, but slowly. I can now run three miles no problem, even with the running stroller. My pace is down to the ten minute mile area, but I have had miles in the nine minute range with even spurts in the eight minute pace. When I started I though it would be forever for me to get fast again. With race season approaching I need to start working on distance and throw in some speed training during the week. Thirty Day Shred is going well. It has made a huge difference in my strength and endurance. I can notice the enhancements it has made to my running and the reduction in aches and pains in carrying around Hailey all day long.

In summary, I cannot stress enough to get in the best shape of your life before you get pregnant and stay as active as you can through out. It will make the process so much easier. I have had moms comment on how surprised they were with how early I went back to exercising (two and a half weeks). I felt fine at that point. I really think being in top shape helped. I haven't run a full marathon yet, but it has to be easier than having a baby. Treat having a baby like you are training for a marathon that never ends. It will make life so much easier in the long run.