Friday, June 24, 2011

More lifting work outs

I am enjoying my lifting work outs right now, so I thought I would share what I did at the gym today (on top of my 30 minutes on the elliptical).

Weighted lunges - I grabbed two five pound weights (light kettlebells work well too) and let them hang from my sides. (Do 20 lunges on each leg, or walk down a long hallway and back)

Step ups or hops - This is really good to do in between exercises to keep your heart rate up. I did hops onto StairMaster with two lifts underneath it before I got pregnant. Now the only place I hop is into bed, so I step up and down. (Do for one minute)

Push Ups - Use the StairMaster again so you are on an incline and do 20 push ups.

Hamstring Curl Machine - Do 20 each leg on a low weight. I did 20 pounds.

Chest Press - Lie on a bench and keep your legs up in the air to work those abs, even being pregnant I can still feel them. (20 times)

Kettlebell Obliques - Pick up a pretty heavy kettlebell in one arm (I used 20 pounds. A weight will work, but I find kettlebells to be more effective) and work those obliques (the muscles on your sides, you know where love handles grow). Let the weight drag your shoulder down and use your oblique on the opposite side to bring your shoulder back up. (20 each side)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back at the Gym

During the Summer months and when I am training for a race, I do not go to the actual gym a lot. It is much easier for me to run outside and lift from home. Now that I have not been running, I have been using my gym membership more. I have to say it feels really good to be back. The air conditioning will start feeling better and better if it ever starts getting warmer outside. I like having more options with exercises too. Here's a few I did on Thursday. I got these from my favorite trainer, Kellie.

Airplanes - This one I can't really describe. It's a combination of a balance exercise and rows. You stand on one leg and then pull your arm and leg in at the same time. (2 sets of 12 on each side)

Monster Walks - Requires a resistance band, which I don't have at home. You place the band around your ankles and try to take large steps forward. It looks and feels like walking like a monster. If you don't feel like a zombie you are doing it wrong. (walk about 50 yards)

Wall sits with bicep curl on the exercise ball - Put the exercise ball on the wall and put your back up against it. Get down into a sitting position, doing a bicep curl at the same time and come back up. (3 sets of 20)

There is one side effect of me being at the actual gym more. I think our cat Corona missing helping me with my work outs. I got this picture of her trying pass for one of my weights. Too cute.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Review: Running Skirts

I spent a frustrating summer last year trying to find a pair of running shorts that didn't look like my thighs ate them after I started out on a jog. I've tried several different types, but haven't had any luck. On different chat boards I had heard some girls swear by running skirts as an alternative. It was worth a shot, but which one to try? I decided I would start with the original Running Skirt and I have fallen in love.

In my running skirt in Hawaii, tank by Lululemon
Running skirt offers two styles, one with a brief liner and one with a bikini liner. I choose the brief liner. Luckily, I bought my skirt from a representativein a booth at the Kirkland Half Marathon. She recommended I buy a size down to prevent the briefs from riding up. There is no way my running/lifting behind is a size 4/6, but that is what she put me in. I wore my skirt for my runs in Hawaii and for doing stairs and I have had no issues with the shorts riding up. It is a minor miracle.

The Running Skirts line is designed by two twin moms. I love that it is designed by women (probably why they fit so well). These women are real athletes too. They sell other apparel besides the skirts. I also bought a pair of compression socks from them. The socks are a great price (for compression socks) and the colors compliment the skirts. Running skirts also offers a maternity skirt, but I am not sure if it worth it. I personally do not like things that go up and over my belly. I find my hips and butt are enough to keep my pants up currently. The regular skirts are low rise enough, my belly does not get in the way. There is a diagram on the website showing a woman wearing her skirt all the way through her pregnancy, which gives me hope I will be able to too. I bought it a month ago and no problems so far (knock on wood).

The only thing I do not like about running skirts is the price. They are pretty expensive. I recommend signing up for their email list and grabbing coupons if you see them at an event. So far my skirt is well worth the money and if it lasts a long time it will be worth slowing building up my skirt wardrobe.

I have heard some female runners say it is too girly to wear a skirt while running. It is not "hard core" enough. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a girly girl. I just like clothes that fit and the better I look in my work out clothes the better I feel. Some of the running girl designs are pretty girly. I just won't buy those ones. :) I've slowly built up a collection of running apparel and proud to say that I look pretty cute while being covered in sweat. For those of you who don't have monster thighs I won't judge you in your shorts that stay put. Don't judge me in my skirt.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time of Running Death 20 Weeks Pregnant

This week marks the end of running during my pregnancy. Some girls can go farther; I am just not one of them. It became uncomfortable with the baby bouncing around. I enjoyed the running, but I was not feeling well at the same time. I have decided there are other things I can do both the baby and I will enjoy more.

I am still working out four days a week. I have more energy now than in my first trimester, so on my days off I am trying to incorporate a walk on those days. I sit at a desk all day for work, so getting some fresh air really helps. I am lifting three days a week, instead of the two I was doing before when I was running more miles. For cardio I am doing the elliptical at the gym and stairs. I also hope to start swimming again. I need to go get a new suit though. I fit in my racing suit two weeks ago, but I do not thing I will any more.

The stairs to Crestwood's Park
Meet my new best friend and worst enemy are the stairs to Crestwood's Park in Kirkland. Just a brisk walk from our home the stairs are the perfect work out spot. It is also popular with many of my neighbors. On memorial day I counted 30 people on the stairs at one point. With 211 stairs to climb, it would be a good training spot for The Big Climb in Seattle.

My nutrition is going pretty well. As the baby gets bigger I am having a really hard time eating any full size meals, with out losing it a half an hour later. My snack times are still at 11 am and 4pm. On occasion I have split my lunch between one and my four pm snack. The same goes with dinner at seven and nine pm. I cannot have my coffee with my breakfast any more. I have to slowly sip it over an hour or two. My cravings continue to be pickles and hard boiled eggs. I have also added Swedish Fish and tartar sauce to the mix. I don't combine the Swedish fish with the tartar sauce, though :)