Monday, March 26, 2012

Goal Update

Sorry I haven't posted very much. In truth I have lacked the motivation to post since I have not been doing anything new.

Since I have transitioned back to work I have been successful in working out in the morning. I have been getting up at 5:45 and going to the gym to run three miles on the dreadmill. I do that two to three days a week. I get up and do 30DS one day a week here at home. Then I have been usually doing one or two runs on the week end outside. All in all, almost every week I work out five days a week.

My pace is around a ten minute mile. It's a little slower when I run outside because we have a lot of hills around here. It is a minute thirty slower when I run with the jogging stroller. I finally made it to four miles this week! I have been feeling guilty leaving Hailey for anything longer than 30 minutes. I try to go out when she goes down for a nap and that way I know I won't miss much. It also helps I am not her only food source anymore.

I am six days into level three on 30DS. I am looking forward to having it complete. My 30DS has turned into a five month shred, but I am curious to post a before and after picture for you guys to see how far my body has come from four weeks post baby. I wouldn't contribute 30DS to the results, but to overall exercise.

Looks like it might be May before I have my next race. For now my goal is to work on getting up my mileage. I am not following a training plan right now just slowly working up increasing my mileage every weeked.