Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Will work out for free smoothies

This is what it takes to get me to the gym these days, free smoothies. At just about 37 weeks I have lost almost all motivation to do any sort of real work out. The only thing that sounds good is walking so that is all I am going to do. This week is my last real week at the gym. My membership is on hold for October and November. I get a free smoothie if I go to the gym tomorrow, plus I get to see my favorite trainer. It means I have to move around a little bit is the only reason I am going. I think I will want to move around more once I am done with work (next wednesday), but I am not holding my breath.

I am itching for a real, sweaty, dirty work out. I can't wait to start Jillian's 30 day shred to work on getting my fitness level back. I watch every jogger running by my house with envy. As crazy as it sounds, I miss my stinky work out clothes and having really dirty hair. I miss that hurts so good feeling. I love being sore the next day from a good work out. I am not sure how I am going to fit my boobs into my sports bras, but that is a problem I'll figure out later. Maybe I'll pick up some larger cheap ones at Target to get me by. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a suggestion for me. T minus three weeks left. Here's hoping for a smooth delivery so I can get back moving again sooner rather than later.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Staying Healthy in the Third Trimester

I am sharing this at almost 36 weeks, just so I don't forget to do it.... So here it is:

Work outs - I have been pretty consistently doing 30 minutes on the elliptical four days a week. Up until this last week I was also lifting twice a week too. I did mostly arm stuff. In month seven I did more ab stuff, but month eight I found anything with my abs and back were too difficult. This past week with the control of my abs lacking I decided to quite weights. I am just too worried about injuring myself. H and I went on a four mile walk about two weeks ago and I started to have what felt like contractions about mile three. At that point I stopped and had H come to pick me up. After I sat for about twenty minutes they went away, but that scared me enough to know that I just need to do enough to make me feel good and then call it a day. I haven't been swimming at all. I just don't feel like getting wet. I'm not ruling it out for later though. I find myself going on walks more now too, but I am on the elliptical mostly.

Diet - I continue to find myself not being able to eat a lot and not really feeling hungry. On a typical day I have my cereal in the morning with a banana. I drink my coffee over the next three hours at work, because both can't fit in my stomach at once. Around 11am I'll eat my lunch sandwich or I'll have chocolate milk, depending on what time I get to take lunch. For lunch I have a piece of fruit or veggies, yogurt, string cheese, and a 100 cal cookie pack. At about 3 or 4:30 I'll either have chocolate milk (if I didn't have it earlier) or a granola bar, sometimes those 100 cal cookies if I didn't get to them during lunch. H and I will eat a small dinner. For desert I'll either have a smoothie, a glass of milk, or chocolate milk if I didn't have it during the day. (See a theme here?) My cravings this past two months has been ice cold milk. I can't get enough of it. Anything cold is pretty much a friend of mine, but with my heart burn kicking it up a notch Popsicle aren't really included in this trend.

Health - The baby has been doing fine. She's just hanging out, swimming around. I'm up 20 pounds now. Today I really wanted to wear my riding boots, so I tried on my pre pregnancy skinny jeans. They fit! I was able to zip and button them. I ended up keeping the top button unbuttoned because it was too uncomfortable when I sat down. I figure it was worth bragging about. It was so nice to wear normal pants. I can't wait to get there again. Not too much longer.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pregnancy Symptoms I am Suprised By

I will keep this one from getting too TMI I promise. :) I have been thinking a lot about the things I haven't experienced that most women do during their pregnancy. Now that I am at 34 weeks along I figure I have a pretty good comprehensive list. So here we go:

My hips haven't gotten bigger. Granted I have pretty big hips to begin with. I remember shopping for maternity pants at month five and the sales lady telling me it is okay they were a little baggy because at seven months my hips would expand, well it is half way through month eight and my pants are still falling off. Oh well.

My feet haven't gotten larger. This one is a tricky one though. I do get to sit at a desk all day and I notice when it gets really hot or if I am on my feet a lot they do swell up. At that point I make sure to sit and elevated them, but all my shoes still fit and thank God. At size 11 shoe, my feet can't afford to get much bigger.

My wedding ring still fits. This one I am really thankful for. As I do retain more water weight it is getting tighter, but I can still get it on and off and that's all I can ask for.

As of today, no strangers have touched or asked to touch my belly. I'm not counting this out from happening yet. I don't want to jinx it.

No one has also said anything really rude to me...yet. Like the one above, there is still time left. People have said odd things, like the dude that started to tell me how him and his wife were going to start trying for their second. Or the guy that cracked a joke about me being put in the corner because their was an alien in my tummy. Nothing too offensive though.

I am still working out. I thought it would be like pulling teeth to even get enough motivation to go for a walk at this point. I think in October I'll put my gym membership on hold for two months and stick to walking and my mini home gym to save money. We'll see.

I haven't gained a TON of weight. I'm up to 18 pounds right now. I had fear that I would be like Kate Hudson in her first pregnancy and gain 60.

I don't have any stretch marks (yet). I have heard they can show up after my tummy shrinks back down. I'm keeping my figures crossed.

Things that have happened to me:

I can get really sick (and often do) and have bad heart burn.

The over heat easily. Although I think at higher temperatures than normal pregnant women, but it does affect me.

Shortness of breath, the baby loves to kick me in the lungs.

I get tired easier, but I haven't felt like sleeping at my desk.

That's about it. I really think it is 60% my lifestyle and 40% genetics for the reason some of these things haven't happened to me.