Monday, November 28, 2011

Started 30 Day Shred

This week I finally felt strong enough again to start 30 Day Shred. For those who don't know, that is a Jillian Michael's work out DVD. There are three different levels of 20 minute work outs (30 if you count warm up and cool down). Ten days is spent on each level, equalling a 30 day program. I however, did not know the exercises were to be done consecutively over 30 days. My plan is to do the work out on my strength training days, so one day running, one day with Jillian.

I have done two days on level one so far. I am loving it. She keeps me moving and I am dripping sweat by the time I am done. It goes so fast. It is the perfect work out for me at home with the baby. I took a before picture, but I won't post it yet. I will wait to see what the after picture looks like first :)

I am feeling stronger with every work out now. My running pace is down to 11:30 and I can go farther more consistently.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Launching Operation Four Pack Abs

At two weeks and two days after Hailey was born, I got permission to start working out from my doctor. She wants me to do more core work than running and I agree with her. My abs and lower back feel weak. That does not mean I did not take the opportunity the first day to go running though ;).

I ran two miles and it felt sooo incredibly good. It was a lot easier than I expected too. I ran almost the entire thing, although it did take me 30 minutes. Since then I have gone on five total runs, with an average pace of 12:30. Slow yes, but I will take it. The farthest I have run is three miles.

My current work out plan is to take 30 minutes when I have it and either go for a short run or do 30 minutes of strength training. As soon as I feel a little stronger I am going to start 30 Day Shred. At this time, I do not feel like I can make it through one of the work outs. I have gone on two runs with the jogging stroller. Hailey likes it so far, in fact some times she starts to cry when I slow down. It gives me a lot of incentive to go fast and keep running.

Hailey and I on our second family run
Operation four pack abs? It is a goal. We will see if I get there. Working out again feels so good. I feel so much better after a work out then I do a nap. H goes back to work in a couple weeks. Hopefully I can continue to get my daily work out in. Running outside will be a lot harder. I have to go to the trail to run with Hailey and I don't want to take her out in the rain or winter cold.