Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rock Climbing

About a month ago now H and I visited Stone Gardens in Bellevue, WA to try out rock climbing. I have always been slightly leery of heights, but rock climbing was always something that interested me. When I was little I loved to climb around on rocks. After my trip to Colorado two years ago, I realized rock climbing is not always as scary as what you see on television. Since then, I've thought I would want to give it a try.

Fast forward to now, H and I plan monthly date nights. I knew trying out rock climbing would be a fun and different thing for us to do together. I booked an hour session with an instructor that included rental gear. The instructor held the rope and H and I took turns going up.

I thought we would start out on a lower height and with a slight incline. Not so. We walked straight over to the four story wall that is straight up and down. My heart started pounding and my hands sweating. Why did I sign up for this, I thought. I wanted to go home. H went up first of course. I watched him fly all the way up to the top. I also watched the nine year old girl on the wall next to us climb up with her dad holding her. Darn nine year olds, they always have to show me up :)

I got on the wall and tried my hardest not to look all the way down while placing my feet. I made it about three quarters the way up before my body just tensed up with nerves and I had the instructor lower us down.

The instructor said we were doing really well so we tried a more difficult holds. I made it all the way up this time and each time after it got easier. We went up a total of four times. As I got tired I tended to cheat and use different holds that were for different courses (well H calls it cheating, I call it using my resources). Both H and I really enjoyed it. I was nice to get a work out while not feeling like we were working out. The only problem is neither of us really have the time to take up a new hobby, nor want to spend the money on another gym membership. However we would love to do it again and maybe I can get H to take climbing 101 so we can learn to hold the rope. I am sorry I do not have pictures. It was an epic fail not to take any. I promise to take some next time.