Sunday, August 28, 2011

Music to Run to

Maroon 5                                     Moves like Jagger
The Red Hot Chili Peppers         The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
David Guetta                               Where Them Girls At
Foo Fighters                                Rope (Deadmau5 Mix)
Britany Spears                            I Wanna Go
LMFAO                                      Party Rock Anthem
Pit Bull                                       Give Me Everything

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eight Months Pregnant and At the Gym

The last two weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of odd looks I get at the gym when I am working out.

I usually start my work outs on the elliptical or the treadmill and then do some lifting afterwards in the weight room. The weight room is some times a very touchy place. It can be filled with women, but often when I go it is filled with a bunch of 23 year old guys doing a 8pm work out, talking about the girl their friend took home the night before or how drunk they plan to get the following week end. Either way the looks I am starting to get when I am down there make me feel uncomfortable, so I have decided to move my lifting routine to home where I can do bicep curls in peace. I don't blame them, I would stare at me too. It is awfully odd and some what entertaining to see a very pregnant women doing lunges.

I am surprised I don't get more comments from people. They must be polite and follow the head phones on no talking rule. I have had a couple men give me support though. They tell me I look great and it is really good that I am still in there. It makes me feel good. One guy did start to go into how him and his wife were going to start trying for their second in a couple months.... TMI dude. The women have not said anything to me though. It fascinates me that it is mostly the guys talking to me about it, but I am not sure of a reason for the results I am seeing.

I have only seen one other pregnant woman at the gym. She was walking on the treadmill and so pregnant I am sure she was trying to get her labor to start. I only saw here that one time, so maybe it worked. She looked pretty miserable, so for her sake I hope it worked.

I thought I would come across more adversity and mean comments. All the strangers I have encountered have been really supportive though. They tell me I am a role model to other pregnant women and it makes me feel good. It keeps me going. Two months left.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My personal struggle with Yoga

I have what I guess what I call a hate/dislike relationship with yoga. I know it is good for my body and many people get really toned from it, but it just doesn't feel like a good work out to me. With limited time to work out during the week, I just don't have the time to fit in an hour long yoga session. I also find it pretty boring. I tried hot yoga once and got really ill during it (I admit I ran three miles in 90 degree heat before hand and hadn't eaten enough, but it was enough to turn me off from the experience).

I purchased a prenatal yoga DVD a couple months back thinking it would be more difficult than it currently is for me to do my regular work outs and it would be a good substitute. This past Friday I had planned to go to the pool, but I got off work late and didn't really feel up to making the trip to the gym. So I came home, changed, and popped in my yoga DVD.

There are three different ladies in the video. One is supposed to be the first trimester lady, the second the second trimester and then the third trimester lady. Being that I am small for my third trimester I followed the second trimester lady most of the time (plus I like to think I am hard core like that ;) ). I got bored about 10 minutes in, but stuck with it. It had to get more exciting right? The middle of the video did get more difficult, so it held my attention better. I was still bored though. Another thing I really don't like about the video is there is only one session for prenatal yoga and one for post natal. Good thing I got it on sale. I could probably find something similar On Demand for free.

My favorite part was the end. You get to lie down and take a nap.... Well you aren't supposed to fall asleep but that is pretty much what it looks like. All in all I did feel pretty good afterwards, it felt almost the same as getting a massage and much cheaper. I would still rather go get a massage, though. Bottom line, yoga will still be a last resort work out for me. I don't think it will ever be apart of my regular weekly routine. To seal the deal, the next morning our cat, McGuyver, threw up on my yoga dvd. I think he was trying to send me a message.