Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eating Organic

About two months ago H and I signed up for an organic delivery service. It took a little convincing to get H to buy off on it, but I got him to do it. We get ours from Eatin' Organics. A bin arrives on our doorstep every other week. Doing all this running really has me thinking harder about what I put into my body. It is near impossible for me to run even just five miles on a burger and french fries. Eating organic fruits and veggies has me feeling better overall. Plus, it is fun to try the new type of fruits and vegetables we get in our bin. Here is what our bin looked like this week:
In it we got a head of lettuce, yams, bananas, avocados, oranges, apples, and a red onion. The other nice thing about it is we can make substitutions (like that gross Kale that comes in our bin every now and again. I substituted it for bananas this week). Some of it is locally grown, but others are not (bananas?). The quality is better than what I have seen at the grocery store. This week I am going to use my yams to make candied sweet potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner. I would share the recipe but it is just in the Better Homes and Garden's cook book. Yeah, not the healthiest thing, but at least the yams are organic. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Running in Silence

When I first started running I could not run with out my headphones. With out music I was dead on the treadmill. Over the last couple of months I noticed while I was running I had no recollection of what music I had actually just listened too. Then, two weeks ago something extremely annoying happened. My headphones broke.... again. (It actually turns out my iPod was broken, but that could be a whole different post). While I waited for my new favorite headphones to come in the mail, I gritted my teeth and headed out with out any music. I was just fine. Since then I have ran between 3 mile to 8 mile runs. I have not have any issues. There were times I wish I had a high paced song to push me through a hill or a sprint. Now I have my new headphones. I still prefer to run with music, but about 30% of the time it is nice to go with out. Just me and the road. It is a peaceful feeling.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secret Santa

I spend a lot of time on a health and fitness chat board online and they did a secret Santa exchange through a web site called Elfster. It aloud us to do a gift exchange with girls all over the country. I got my gift this week. I got a Bondiband, gloves, and a delicious looking peppermint white chocolate Luna bar (maybe I will eat it for my after run snack today).

Thanks Secret Santa!

Planned work out this week -

Monday - Ski conditioning with Kelli!
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - 4m run
Thursday - off
Friday - 6 mile run
Saturday - I have time issues this day, I am hoping to squeeze in a 3 miler
Sunday - 3 miler with sprints or hills and lifting

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Workout Blues

This year was my first true race season, therefore I am having my first true racing off season. The next race I will probably do is in February (Valentines Greenlake 5k, if you want to check it out). I am trying to keep my mileage up to make training easier later on, but I am lacking motivation with these dark Pacific northwest days. Running on the treadmill just isn't fun either. My longest run since September has been nine miles. I have been pretty good about at least getting in six milers on the week end.

I am starting to get in my speed work again. I had stopped two weeks before my half marathon and just did not pick it up again until October. I am also getting in more weight training. Since my miles are down I have more time to do at least some strength training.

Here is what I have done this week and what I have planned:

Monday - off
Tuesday - Ski conditioning with my favorite trainer Kelli
Wednesday - 3.5 miles on the treadmill, doing half mile sprints and half mile recovery
Thursday - 1 hour weight training with Kelli
Friday - Either a short 3 miler or an 8 mile run
Saturday - Do what ever I didn't do Friday
Sunday - Rest and Seahawks game

I am pretty tired from the last three days work outs. I might just take Friday off and do my short run Sunday morning before we leave for the game. At least that way I will be doing something to burn off energy before I sit for three hours.

Music to Run to

Here are my latest downloads:

Katy Perry Fireworks
The Black Eyed Peas The Time (Dirty Bit)
P!nk Raise Your Glass
Mumford & Sons The Cave 
The Boys of Summer The Ataris