Friday, January 27, 2012

Too many options, not enough time

I am struggling. I want to focus on running, but I also want to try too many new things. With only about 30 minutes available to work out I can't run and cross train in the same day. I'm struggling to decide and focus.

30 Day Shred - I'm still doing it. I'm on day 9 of level two. Just 12 more work outs and I am done. It is tempting to just bang them out and be in stinky work out clothes all day, but I just don't think I have the energy.

Gravity - I took this class one day a week at my gym before Hailey arrived. It gave me serious core strength and I won't be able to do it once I go back to work because all the class times interfere with my work schedule. I signed up in February to say good bye to it. I'm sad. Maybe I one day I will be able to get the trainer who runs it to do a 7:30 class (or I'll have a different job where I get home earlier).

Stroller Strides - I bought a Groupon for this class that was too good to refuse. I need to do it in February because, once again, the times don't work well with my work schedule. It was so cheap I don't mind only doing one or two classes if that's all the time I have. I worry about Hailey because her attention span is so small. If she is in motion she's fine (most of the time). I guess I will find out. I plan to blog about my experience after I go.

Crossfit - I REALLY want to try crossfit. I think I could get really into it. A friend of mine invited me to go with her, but the facility doesn't have day care. I can go before work but that means I can't run either. Maybe crossfit will replace my once a week Gravity class after I go back. We'll see.

Running - I need to run. I'm obsessed. I can't not do it. I haven't been able to lately because I was sick and due to the snow that refused to melt around here. Half Marathon training starts for me in mid February and it isn't looking realistic. I can barely survive three miles at the moment, let alone anything farther. Hopefully I'll surprise myself in the next to weeks. I really need to start getting more sleep in order to push myself harder. I should talk to Hailey about that :) .

So I'm torn. I'm not focused enough and trying to fit too much in. It's looking like Gravity Wednesday, stroller strides Saturday, and run the rest of the week? I think I have to drop 30 Day Shred until Hailey has a better nap schedule or until after I go back to work. I'm in good enough shape I think I can pick it back up in the middle. I'll make sure to follow up this blog for you guys in mid March.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Day

It is supposed to snow off and on until Wednesday afternoon here in Seattle. I already get stir crazy enough being home with the baby, but now I cannot go out at all. I know there are ways to run outside in the snow, but it snows so infrequently here I do not worry about it. I just go for the treadmill or do a strength training work out at home. Sometimes I even walk the mile to my gym to run there. I choose not to take the baby out in this though.

Really, the best thing to do on a snow day is to enjoy the snow, which is what I am doing today. I will worry about a workout another day.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year in Review, Resolutions for 2012

I looked back in my blog to see my goals from 2011. Here they are:

1) Run 1,000 miles
This one is a fail, my garmin only logged 581 miles. I probably have 650 miles adding in the treadmill runs I did last winter. Considering I quit running in June, I will count this one as a success because I would have smashed that goal had I not been pregnant.
2) Run my first 5k (it is so weird to think I have never raced one) AND my first sub nine minute pace at it.
This I did do! I actually ran two 5ks in 2011, Seattle's Valentine's Day Dash and the Seahawks 5k. I didn't achieve a sub nine minute pace. Thanks to Hailey being on board there was an unfortunate incident in the tunnel of love that cost me the extra four seconds I needed to make that goal.
3) Run my first full marathon (shooting for Portland in October)
Didn't happen. I was busy waddling down the Sammamish River trail during the Portland Marathon
4) Just be happy and stay healthy with what ever I accomplish
How can this not be true when I popped out a beautiful little baby? :) That I would say is an accomplishment.

I do not really do resolutions, so we'll call these goals for 2012:

1) Run a half marathon - I don't think a full is going to be achievable until Hailey is a little older. I'll settle for a half this year.
2) Run 1200 miles - That is a 100 miles a month, so about 25 miles a week. Right now I am doing about nine, so I am not on pace. I still think I can do it though. Those peak training weeks can make up for it.
3) Lose the baby weight - Currently that is another 9 pounds. I have a weigh in on Friday. I don't think I have made any progress since my last one. If anything I am just gaining back the muscle I lost.

2012 is going to be an awesome year. Good luck to everyone out there.