Sunday, February 10, 2013

Race Results: 2013 Valentine's Day Dash

This is my third year now participating in Valentine's Day Dash. It all started by me craving a race to participate in after the winter off from race season. I figured a nice easy (and fun!) 5k around Seattle's Green Lake was a good way to kick off. February is also birthday month for one of my favorite running partner's and me. I was able to sucker her in by offering to pay her race fee as her birthday present. :)

This year my race partner bought us matching I love dawgs purple t-shirts to show our Valentine's Day and University of Washington pride. Our goal for the race was a 9:30 pace. I choose this based on the fact I run a 10:15 pace on my everyday runs. Our other goal was to not stop for a bathroom break during the race (unlike what happened last year). That was easily fixed though.

Here are our splits:

Mile 1  -  9:36
Mile 2  -  9:42
Mile 3  -  9:50
Race to the finish:  8:45

Final time 30:07, 9:43 pace. We didn't make my goal, but I had nothing left at the end. With that I know I ran my hardest.

Of course after the race with finished our annual tradition of eating a fruit omelet at one of my favorite greasy spoon breakfast places. This year I opted for a biscuit over my usual english muffin. It was a great choice.

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