Thursday, March 7, 2013

10,000 Push-up Challenge Update

We're over a quarter of the way through the 100 days. While I haven't been counting the days exactly, I do look forward every day when my push ups are complete.

I fell behind a couple weeks ago when I got sick and couldn't do my push ups. There were also a couple days where I simply forgot to do them. I'm almost caught up at this point. Just 90 push ups behind pace.

I still can't do a normal push up. I have been doing modified girl push ups though. I start with doing a push up on my knees, then as I push up extend all the way out into a plan position. When I go back down I am on my knees again. I can do this if I only do ten push ups at a time instead of twenty.

I am almost relieved I still have so much time left in the challenge. It can't be impossible for me to do a real push up. I already feel more confident belting them out. Hopefully that will just continue.

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