Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Seahawks 12k

This is now my third time running this race. In 2010 I ran the 12k and in 2011 when I was pregnant I ran the 5k. Each year the race has grown in popularity. This year there were about four thousand runners.

The course runs a long Lake Washington. The half way point/turn around is at the Seahawks training facility (for the 12k). Seahawks players hand out water to the runners as they go buy. The course is pretty flat with a couple rolling hills.

I hadn't trained well going into this race. My longest run had been miserable Easter Day 7.5 miler in which I probably walked about two miles of it. Around mile four I began to get really tired, but then I saw my friend Phil running back (his mile six) in first place! That gave me the energy to run the next two miles. Miles six was tough, but I knew I could get through since at that point we were almost done. Here's my mile splits:

Mile 1   10:34
Mile 2   10:37
Mile 3   10:28
Mile 4   10:18 (thanks Phil!)
Mile 5   11:05
Mile 6   11:04
Mile 7   10:45
Mile 8   9:44

You can see by my splits, the distance I have been running on most of my weekend runs (four to five miles). I definitely petered out at mile five. My final time 1:21:33, a 10:40 pace. Not even close to a PR, but I will take it.

We had a lot of fun. I hope to do it again next year, maybe with the Super Bowl winning Seahawks.

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